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The Law Office of Joel D. Kershaw, a lawyer who CAREs:


Compassionate -- We understand that the law can be overwhelming and intimidating. We pledge to treat your situation with the utmost of compassion, sensitivity, and confidentiality.


Affordable -- We believe that quality legal representation is a fundamental right. We strive to make our services affordable. Most of our services are provided on a flat fee basis to give our clients greater predictability about their bill. We offer short term payment plans and provide fee discounts in cases of exceptional need.


Respectful -- Our clients come from all walks of life. We believe that all people are worthy of respect, and we pledge that you will find in our office an atmosphere of respect from the moment you walk in until your legal issue is resolved.


Effective -- While we cannot guarantee specific results, we pledge to do everything possible to get the best results for you. Our approach to legal representation has resulted in favorable outcomes for our clients time and time again. We pledge to apply this same effective approach to your situation.


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